Offmore Primary School

Learning Powers


Offmore Primary has developed a very strong connection with understanding learning. This approach enables all of our children to understand how they can become better learners . We use our learning powers throughout the school to celebrate the children's skills and help them to understand the attributes of being an effective and successful learner. Children are rewarded for the learning powers and can explain and reason, which powers they use and how they help them to be better learners that are aware of their own skills and successes.

Teacher Power - The teacher explains

  • Share Learning Objective
  • Link to prior learning and the ‘Big Picture’.
  • Model new learning, referring to steps to success
  • Model using the learning environment
  • Model excellent presentation expectations
  • Model editing and improving

 Busy Bee Power - Independent learning

  • Choose your challenge
  • Use the steps to success
  • Use the 4 Bs: Brain, Box of tricks, Buddy, Boss
  • Persevere and be proud of your presentation
  • Know what to do when you’re finished
  • Teacher gives guided groups feedback using pink and green highlighters
  • Group(s) will be guided during this time

 Unicorn Power - Explore and practise together

  • Play/explore W.A.G.O.L.L. (What a good one looks like)
  • Generate or revisit steps to success together
  • Take risks and challenge yourself
  • Practise the new learning with your teacher and talk partner using ‘show me’ materials
  • Use the 4Bs together: Brain, Box of tricks, Buddy, Boss

 Magnifying Power - Check throughout the lesson

  • Check what you know and what you don’t...yet!
  • Teacher refocuses learning in mini-plenaries
  • Self-check against steps to success
  • Peer assessment using marking code
  • Find new ways to solve problems
  • Improvement time: purple polishing pens
  • Think about new ideas and discuss next steps


Look at some amazing examples of where the children have used their Learning Powers...