Offmore Primary School






At Offmore Primary school, we believe that children need to understand the value of education and the part they play in their own futures. Whilst explaining that sometimes we are all ill and can not come to school, we also give the children ownership of celebrating excellent attendance and being aware of their own place in this. Children in KS2 record their weekly attendance every week in their home/school diaries so they are aware of their of their individual levels as well as the whole school overview.




Attendance is monitored on a weekly basis, and focuses upon those children whose attendance has dropped below 93% and those with very good attendance.

In the event that your child’s attendance has fallen below 93%, the school will inform you that this has happened. Our pastoral lead Leah Walch will make contact to discuss how we can support you to improve your child's attendance.

If attendance rates continue to fall, for three consecutive weeks, we will invite you to a meeting, with your child, to establish a support plan to improve attendance.

Rewards for Attendance

To reward children with very high attendance we present certificates for

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