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Early Reading (Phonics)


The Offmore Alien Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme

Order of Progression


Reception and Year 1 overviews

This programme overview shows the progression of GPCs and tricky words that we teach term-by-term. The progression has been organised so that children are taught from the simple to more complex GPCs, as well as taking into account the frequency of their occurrence in the most commonly encountered words. All the graphemes taught are practised in words, sentences, and later on, in fully decodable books. Children review and revise GPCs and words, daily, weekly and across terms and years, in order to move this knowledge into their long term memory. Children need to learn to read as quickly as reasonably possible, so they can move from learning to read, to reading to learn, giving them access to the treasure house of reading. Our expectations of progression are aspirational yet achievable if we maintain pace, practice and participation by all children. Children who are not keeping-up with their peers should be given additional practice immediately through keep-up sessions.



Autumn 1 Phase 2 graphemes

New tricky words

s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f l

is I the

Autumn 2 Phase 2 graphemes

New tricky words

ff ll ss j v w x y z zz qu ch sh th ng nk

• words with –s /s/ added at the end (hats sits)

• words ending –s /z/ (his) and with –s /z/ added at the end


as and has his her go no to into she he of we me be

Spring 1 Phase 3 graphemes

New tricky words

ai ee igh oa oo oo ar or ur ow oi ear air er

• words with double letters

• longer words

was you they my by all are sure pure

Spring 2 Phase 3 graphemes

New tricky words

Review Phase 3

• longer words, including those with double letters

• words with –s /z/ in the middle

• words with –es /z/ at the end

• words with –s /s/ and /z/ at the end

Review all taught so far

Summer 1 Phase 4 graphemes

New tricky words

Short vowels with adjacent consonants


• longer words and compound words

• words ending in suffixes:

–ing, –ed /t/, –ed /id/ /ed/, –est

said so have like some come love do were here little

says there when what one out today

Summer 2 Phase 4 graphemes

New tricky words

Phase 3 long vowel graphemes with adjacent consonants


• words ending in suffixes:

–ing, –ed /t/, –ed /id/ /ed/, –ed /d/ –er, –est

• longer words and compound words

Review all taught so far


Year 1

Review tricky words phases 2-4

Phases 2–4: the to into I no

go of he she we me be was you they all are my by sure pure said have like so do some come love were there little one when out what says here today

New tricky words

their people oh your

Mr Mrs Ms

could would should our

house mouse water want

New tricky words

any many again

who whole where two

school call different

thought through friend work


New tricky words

once laugh because eye

*The tricky words ‘half’ and ‘father’ may not be pronounced as this in some regional pronunciations; in which case, they should not be treated as such.




Summer 1

New tricky words

Phonics screening check review – no new GPCs or tricky words


Summer 2

New tricky words

/ai/ eigh aigh ey ea eight straight grey break

/n/ kn gn knee gnaw

/m/ mb thumb

/ear/ ere eer here deer

/zh/ su si treasure vision

/j/ dge bridge

/i/ y crystal

/j/ ge large

/sh/ ti ssi si ci potion mission mansion delicious

/or/ augh our oar ore daughter pour oar more

busy beautiful pretty hour

move improve parents shoe


Offmore's phonics and Early Reading policy

offmore phonics and early reading policy.pdf

Here are some videos on how to pronounce the phonemes. 







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