Offmore Primary School

Year 2 - Blackbirds

Welcome to Blackbirds page!

Your class teacher is Mrs. Bayliss with an amazing Teaching Assistant, Mrs. Tye.


We expect the children to be reading at least three times per week at home and for it to be recorded in their reading diary. We already have lots of names in the raffle prize box which will be drawn monthly. Please keep  up the good work and keep loving those books!

It can include any genre of book, comics,newspapers, fiction, non-fiction or whatever takes their fancy.  We just want it to be a pleasurable time for them and to develop a love of reading.  We really enjoy listening to the children's conversations about the  books they are enjoying at home.


Homework is set on a Tuesday and is to be brought back into school the following Monday in the red folder, along with their spelling book and reading diary. Everything on the same day to keep it nice and simple. The homework is to support and extend what they have been learning about in class.

Please make sure you are connected to Dojo so we can keep in contact easily. I will be uploading lots of pictures on our class story to show you what has been happening in Blackbirds.


Our Topics

Spring 2020 Robin Hood

This term our topic is called Robin Hood/ Turrets and Tiaras. It is linked to being a modern day hero and focusing on core values.

The children had an exciting start to their new topic as on Monday, Mr. Schofield unearthed a mystery box in the school forest. We went up to the forest to search for the box and the children found an old metal container covered in dirt and leaves. Upon opening the box, there were drawings, pictures, a diary extract and an old piece of hessian.  The children then discovered lots of other clues hanging from the trees. Who could have left all this information ? After a long discussion about he objects they decided it must have been a man called Robin Hood and that the reason he had buried it nearly 800 years ago was so that we could find out about him nowadays.


So far during Literacy we have re-told the story of 'Robin Hood and the golden arrow' for this we thought about character and setting descriptions and worked really hard to use time conjunctions. We have also gathered information about castles to write our own chronological report. In Blackbirds we have been using Talk for Writing actions to re-tell the story.



 In Maths we have working really hard to understand multiplication and division using lots of different methods. We have also been working on money, totalling money and giving change.

In Science we have been investigating different materials and their properties by looking at how bread is made and the ingredients that are needed. It was delicious and we all loved the experience! We found at that materials can be changed by heating, cooling, stretching, bending and squashing. 

We have also loved learning how to weave on a loom. It will quite tricky but we worked together and had some amazing results.

 In Blackbirds we are also learning French and RE. We have learnt the words for; hello, I am,  prince, princess, knight, horse and castle. In RE we have been role playing the story of 'The good Samaritan'.





Autumn  2019- London

Curriculum Overview - Autumn 1 2019 - London

 This term our topic is called London. We had a very exciting start as mystery items appeared in our classroom over a weekend. One sticky marmalade sandwich, a red felt hat, a very muddy red wellington boot and an old battered suitcase. I wonder if you can guess who our mystery guest was?

This mysterious occurrence created some quizzical writing and the children generated lots of well written questions and predictions.   This has then led into fact finding research about London and its landmarks which the children have been fascinated by. Another big clue to who our visitor was, was finding out about his home country of Peru.

We will be learning about compass points, directional and locational language in order to locate the journey from Peru to London.

 Can you guess which class novels we will be reading to the class? I think our enthusiastic children have lots of their own ideas that they will be bursting to share with you! It won’t be long before the big reveal! Keep you posted!

The trap was set and this is what we discovered after the weekend.


 We fed Paddington his favourite sandwiches as he was feeling very hungry.


 To complete our London Topic, the children became expert tour guides of famous landmarks around the city. They researched a range of buildings and found out useful facts.  They created models of a range of landmarks. Each class were invited to visit the expedition and the children shared their information and facts.