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Our Offmore Curriculum

At Offmore Primary School we believe that the curriculum is so much more than ‘what the children learn.’ We use the curriculum to give the children skills for life and to understand that they can make a difference to both themselves and others, Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are at the heart of everything we do.

The key purpose of the curriculum at Offmore is to engage and enthuse our learners . Our curriculum is a narrative that has purpose and real life outcomes where the children begin the topic story knowing little and end up with elements of being experts and knowing a lot!

Children know, and where possible, are involved in shaping how the purpose of each topic is achieved and as a consequence, they understand that their learning and hard work has a goal and a definite outcome. It is through completing this outcome that children use their learning and understanding for the purpose; it is a way of them communicating their findings and making an impact through this.

The idea of this approach is that each topic is driven by a challenge or question that opens out the plans for the whole topic and directs the learning of knowledge and skills through the learning journey.

The cross curricular approach to learning ensures there are frequent opportunities for children to demonstrate that they can apply the knowledge and skills gained in core lessons (Reading, Writing, Maths and SPAG) into all areas of their work, again giving an opportunity to emphasise the purpose of learning . Our topics give clear opportunities for children to take responsibility for decisions, work in teams or independently, and to take on various roles within the process of learning and achieving. We believe in our curriculum creating opportunities that develop skills for life and a love for learning.

 Some of our learning challenges have included the following:

  • Designing and selling a publication (book, guide, newspaper, magazine) – Offmore Gossip Magazine ‘OMG’
  • Running a website - class pages
  • Setting up a community museum (specialist exhibition, gallery, festival) Dinosaur museum - Chocolate museum
  • Setting up a shop (stall, fayre, garden centre) – Christmas crafts- around the world enterprise project day
  • Running a market (restaurant, healthy food stand, take away) - healthy snack project
  • Designing and selling a product (food, craft, fashion item) – we try and have an enterprise element to each theme
  • Running a conference
  • Planning and undertaking an educational visit (trip, expedition, excursion)
  • Creating an educational resource for a different year group (guidance sheet, pack)
  • Creating a workshop for parents or peers
  • Providing a community service (talk, workshop, information service)
  • Running a consultancy (social media, energy efficiency)
  • Creating a re-enactment day
  • Making real changes within school (healthy eating programme) • Running an enterprise based event to raise money (water aid, WWF)
  • Planning, organizing and running a production (performance, concert) The Greatest Showman- Nativity in the forest


Our curriculum overviews always include a whole class sustained novel as well as quality texts to be used as models. They also include an overarching approach to celebrating and learning about Fundamental British values and are designed to support physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual development.


Please follow this link for our latest Phase Curriculum overviews:

Phase Curriculum Overviews (Our School menu tab)