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Music has an important role at Offmore. We have a singing assembly each Friday and two thriving school choirs; the children’s choir, which accommodates children from year 2 up to year 6 and our staff choir. Both of our choirs practise and perform regularly at events , such as our Harvest Festival, Christmas Carol Service, Spring and Summer music concerts. Christmas time is a special time for our school choirs where they can also be seen performing at a range of venues for our carol service but also visit local elderly residents to sing carols bringing lots of Christmas cheer to our community! 

Non-negotiables in Music at Offmore

We have developed a common approach to thinking like an Offmore Musician covering the four key areas of Music:
Performing - singing, playing instruments, performing individually, in pairs, groups, classes and choirs.
Composing - creating our own, original compositions using voices and a range of instruments.
Transcribing - creating ways to record our compositions from basic shapes and symbols to using notation on staves, which will help us play and perform
our compositions.
Describing - listening and appraising a range of musical genres, from classical eras up to modern day musicians, giving our opinions on different genres, supported reasons.

Music opportunities at Offmore

We are giving children opportunities to learn musical instruments at home, through our “Play at home” initiative. Children have introduction lesson in school and are then supported at home through our online tutoring resources.

EYFS- drumming

KS1- ocarina

LKS2 - recorder

UKS2 - ukulele

There is a performance at the end of each term for these children to showcase their talents, where the whole school and the families of performers come to watch.


 Have a listen to our first performance!



We have a multitude of individual and group instrumental tuition available at school for guitar, drum and violin lessons. There is an assembly at the end of the summer term for these children to showcase their talents, where the whole school and the families of performers come to watch. Please contact our team of staff at the front reception if you have any queries regarding instrumental tuition.







Curriculum Progression in Music


whole school music skills and knowledge progression.pdf

Music in the Early Years

music eyfs.pdf

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development in Music

music smsc statement.pdf