Offmore Primary School

Meet the Team

Who's Who At Offmore Primary School. Find out who works at the school and what their roles are.




Our Senior Leadership Team:

          Miss S. Green, Mrs T. Smith, Mrs A. O'Driscoll, Miss G. Brown, Mrs H. Brooks and Mrs C. Skelding


Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs T. Smith

Deputy Headteacher and Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Miss S. Green

SENDCo - Mrs C. Skelding

Assistant Headteacher and lead for Mathematics - Mrs H. Brooks 

 Our Administration and Finance  Team:

Mrs A. Turner and Mrs T. Fuller

Mrs A. Turner - School Business Manager 

Mrs T Fuller - Office Manager and Headteacher's PA.


Therapy Dog- Mojo

Nursery Team (Ducklings)

                                      Mrs D. Hope, Mrs K. Miles, Mrs C. Brown and Mrs C. Johnstone                               


Nursery Team (Pre-School)

Mrs S. Packer, Miss B. Dare, Mrs A. Hughes and Mrs C. Johnstone

Mrs S. Packer - Class Teacher

Mrs A. Hughes - Teaching Assistant

Miss B. Dare - Teaching Assistant

Reception Team

  Mrs L. Jew, Miss M. Billingham, Miss J. Hollingworth, Mrs C. Skelding and Mrs L. Jay

Mrs L. Jay / Mrs C. Skelding / Mrs L. Jew - Class Teachers

Miss M. Billingham - Teaching Assistant

Miss J. Hollingworth - Teaching Assistant


Key stage 1 Team:

Miss B. Hickman, Miss L. Newton, Mrs N. Adams, Mrs J. Billingham, Mrs K. Bayliss, Mrs M. Shone and Miss I. Farr            Not in photo: Mrs D. Millward

Robins (Year 1)

Miss I. Farr - Class Teacher

Mrs M. Shone - Teaching Assistant

Mrs N. Adams - Teaching Assistant

Nightingales (Year 1/2)

Mrs. K. Bayliss - Class Teacher

Mrs J Billingham - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D. Millward - Teaching Assistant

Blackbirds (Year 2)

Mrs L. Newton - Class Teacher

Miss B. Hickman - Teaching Assistant


 Lower Key Stage 2 team

                                                  Mrs S. Green, Mrs L. Baril, Mrs H. Tinsell-Jones , Mrs M. Emeny, Miss N. Ralph, Mrs R. Sargent, Mrs S. Bell and  Mrs A. O'Driscoll         Not in photo: Mrs T Lester


Doves- (Year 3)

Miss N. Ralph - Class Teacher

Mrs S. Bell - Teaching Assistant

Owls- (Year 3/4)

Mrs A. O'Driscoll - Class Teacher

Mrs M. Emeny - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs R. Sargent - Teaching Assistant

Woodpeckers- (Year 4)

Mrs L. Baril / Mrs T. Lester- Class teachers

Mrs H. Tinsell-Jones  - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Green - Teaching Assistant


 Upper Key Stage 2 Team:


Mrs T. Platt, Mrs C. DiMambro, Mrs H. Brookes, Mrs G. Brown, Miss. J. Palmer, Mrs S. Hussey, Mrs C. Harrell, Mrs C. Bourne, Mrs C. Lloyd and Mrs F. Adamson, 


Kestrels (Year 5)

Mrs H. Brookes/Mrs C. DiMambro- Class Teachers

Mrs T. Platt  - Teaching Assistant


Falcons (Year 5/6)

Miss J. Palmer - Class Teacher

Mrs C. Harrell - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Hussey - Teaching Assistant


Eagles (Year 6)

Miss G. Brown- Class Teacher

Mrs F. Adamson -Teaching Assistant across the phase.

Across Key Stage Two

Mrs. C Lloyd- Class Teacher

Mrs C. Bourne- Teaching Assistant

Go Beyond Team (Before and After School Club):

                       Beth Hickman, Marie Holloway, Meg Billingham and Kim Miles (Manager and  deputy DSL) and Vilani Pathirana     

Not in photo: Miss L. Fuller, Mrs L O'Reilly


Children’s Supervisors

Mrs R. Wilkinson, Mrs M. Holloway, Miss J. Hollingworth, Miss B. Hickman, Mrs J. Billingham, Mrs R. Sargent, Mrs S. Hussey

Mrs V. Pathirana, Miss M. Billingham, Mrs M. De La Hay, Mrs H. Shoring   (Not in photo -  Miss H. Collard, Mrs L. Reece, Mrs J. Samways)



Mrs M. Holloway, Mrs M. De La Hay, Miss R. Sutton

Positive Behaviour Support

Mr S. Johnstone


Pastoral lead worker and Safeguarding Deputy DSL

Mrs L. Walch


 Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Fairman and Mrs T Stokes



Data Protection Officer- Mrs R Ford- (GDPR)