Meet the Team


Our Senior Leadership Team:

Miss S.Green, Mrs T.Smith, Mrs J. Palmer and Mrs H. Brooks

Acting Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead- Mrs T.Smith

Acting Deputy Headteacher and Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Mrs S.Green

SENDCo- Mrs Jane Palmer

Acting Assistant Headteacher and lead for Mathematics - Mrs H. Brooks



Our Administration, finance and family support team:

Mrs A.Turner, Mrs L. Walch and Mrs T.Fuller.

Mrs A.Turner- School Business Manager.

Mrs L.Walch- Pastoral lead worker.

Mrs T.Fuller- Office Manager and Headteacher's PA.


Meet our amazing Early years Team:

Mrs K.Miles, Mrs C.Brown, Mrs C.Skelding, Mrs R.Sargent, Miss B.Dare, Mrs N.Adams, Mrs A.Hughes, Miss C.Bourne, Mrs S.Packer and Mrs L.Jay

Mrs S.Packer and Miss S.Green are our Nursery class teachers.

Mrs L. Jay and Mrs C.Skelding are our Reception class teachers.

Mrs Hayes is currently on maternity leave.

Meet our fabulous  Key stage 1 Team:

Mrs J.Hollingworth, Mrs K.Bayliss, Mrs L.Baril, Mrs L.Tye, Mrs D.Millward, Mrs J.Cole

Catbells (Year 1)

Mrs L. Baril- Classteacher

Mrs D. Millward- Teaching Assistant

Crinkle Crags (Year 1/2)

Mrs J. Cole and Mrs L.Townsend - Classteachers

Miss Hollingworth, Mrs Shone Teaching Assistants

Great Gables (Year 2)

Mrs K. Bayliss-Classteacher

Mrs L.Tye- Teaching Assistant


Meet our brilliant Lower Key Stage 2 team:


Mrs T.Platt, Mrs M.Emeny, Mrs C. Di Mambro, Mrs L.Livesey,Mrs J.Palmer, Mrs C.Lloyd, Miss G.Brown, Mrs C.Crowley and Mrs F.Adamson

Ben Avon- (Year 3)

Mrs C.Lloyd- Class teacher

Mrs M.Emeny and Mrs S. Bell- Teaching Assistants

Cairnwell- (Year 3/4)

Miss G.Brown- Classteacher

Mrs C. Crowley and Mrs S.Green- Teaching Assistants

Ben Macdui- (Year 4)

Mrs J.Palmer and Mrs C.Di Mambro- Classteachers

Mrs L.Livesey-Teaching Assistant

Mrs F.Adamson , Mrs T.Platt and Miss A.Saunders- Teaching Assistants across the phase.


Meet our awesome Upper Key Stage 2 Team:

Miss S.Wallace, Miss N.Ralph,Mrs T.Platt, Mrs H.Brooks, Mrs C.Harrell, Mrs V. Clair and Mrs F. Adamson

Rippon (Year 5)

Mrs H.Brooks- Classteacher

Mrs V.Clair- Teaching Assistant

Hound Tor (Year 5/6)

Miss S.Wallace- Classteacher

Mrs C.Harrell- Teaching Assistant

High Willhays (Year 6)

Mrs N.Ralph- Classteacher

Mrs T.Platt- Teaching Assistant

Mrs F.Adamson -Teaching Assistant across the phase.

Meet our fabulous Go Beyond Team:

Vilani Pathirana, Kim Miles (Manager and  deputy DSL), Harry Smith, Ben Hughes , Marie Holloway


 Site Manager- Paul Schofield


Cleaners                            Mrs J .Billingham, Mrs M. De La Hay, Mrs M. Holloway, Mrs C. Lloyd


Children’s Supervisors  Mrs R.Wilkinson, Mrs M.Holloway, Mrs M.Davis, Mrs J.Billingham, Mrs J.Perry, Mrs J. Hollingworth, Mrs V.Pathirana, Mrs H.Shoring and Mrs D.Millward.

Mrs D.Millward is our Lead supervisor and Playleader co-ordinator.

Positive Behaviour support- Mr Stewart Johnstone

Kitchen- Mrs J Fairman  Mrs T Stokes

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