Offmore Primary School

Digital Leaders

At Offmore Primary School our computing vision is clear and simple: all children should be online-safe, online-inspired and online-confident.

We are excited to announce that we are this years Digital Leaders.


Digital Leaders for 23-24



Our job is to help our friends and peers learn how to be safe online. We help them by: recommending safe websites such as Kiddle, teaching them how to be safe using 'Think you Know' and telling them about CEOP and suggesting new ways about how to be safe online.  

Another part of our role is to help with the runnings of our computing suite and computing resources.  We also make sure all children follow our core value 'respect' by respecting the equipment.  

We are looking forward to more exiting opportunities and projects that are coming soon. 


Please link on the image below to find out more about Kiddle and Think you Know and our online safety website page.

How to keep your child safe online- E safety