Offmore Primary School

Year 4 - Woodpeckers

Our teacher is Miss Palmer with the fantastic teaching assistants Mrs Shone and Mrs Billingham.


Key information



We have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays  so please make sure you come in your kit.  Earrings should be removed before coming to school on those days.



We expect the children to be reading at least three times per week at home and for it to be recorded in their reading diary. Please make sure their books and diaries come into school daily. They will be checked every Monday. It can include any genre of book, comics, newspapers, fiction, non-fiction or whatever takes their fancy.  We just want it to be a pleasurable time for them and to develop a love of reading.  We really enjoy listening to the children's conversations about the books they are enjoying at home.

Home learning

Spellings are set on a Monday and can be found in their diaries. The children will practise their spelling throughout the week and apply this in their written work. They will be tested the following Monday.

Children need to be practising their times tables. This can be through logging onto their Times Table Rockstars account three times a week as well as playing several games online.  If the children wanted to have a bit of a sing and dance whilst practising their times tables then there are lots of different times tables songs on the BBC SuperMovers website. 

Furthermore, children need to be completing one unit of Maths Flex a week to consolidate their understanding of the maths learning that has occurred within school. 

Learning Powers

The children can earn points for using their learning powers. These include:

Busy Bee power- given for active learning, such as being focused.

Unicorn powers are given for playing and exploring, using a 'can do' approach.

Magnifying powers are given for creating and thinking critically, such as using learning walls independently to further own learning.


Useful resources 

  Maths Flex 

Our Topic

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Lower Key Stage Two- What are your children learning?

Photos of our learning environment and amazing work:


Our Zumba Warm-Up, Main Dance and Cool down!

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