Primary Sports Funding

Primary Schools receive Physical Education and Sport Premium funding based on the number of pupils in Years One to Six.  The money has been provided to enable schools to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of physical education and sport they offer

Offmore Primary School fully understands the vital role physical development and sport play in a child’s education.  As part of our on going evaluation of our curriculum we look carefully at how we can improve the physical development of our children and the provision we offer our children. 

We encourage all children to have an active lifestyle and take part in school clubs, competitions and events.

Strategic Use of Funding:

  • Increase teachers’ subject knowledge so that there is consistently good teaching in PE.
  • Promote approaches to learning that build physical development and core skills as integral elements
  • Achieve high participation for all and improve performance, including the promotion of elite performers
  • Help combat the rising rate of sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity by successfully implementing strategies to promote pupils’ health and well-being
  • Create a culture where physical development and sport are valued


For further information on the use of Sports Premium funding please use the following links.

2018-19 - Sports Premium Funding