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'Go Beyond' at Offmore Primary School 

Go Beyond provides both before and after school club as well as a school holiday provision. We welcome children aged between 2 and 12 from both our school and any other child from the local community regardless of which school they attend.

Go Beyond provides children with an experience different to their school day but with the same emphasis on feeling safe, listened to and very much part of the Offmore family. Our staff work hard to give the children exciting experiences and activities and there is also an opportunity to complete homework or read to a member of the team. We have created a homely feel so children can have their snack and chill with a book or if they are more energetic, can ride the scooters and bikes , play basketball or table football. 

Go Beyond Staff are very much part of the whole school team and also work in other areas of school during school hours. This enables them to have fantastic relationships with the children and also ensures that the expectations and support school provides, is continued after school hours.

Our holiday provision ensures that there is always plenty to do. Staff plan themed activity weeks and there are regular weekly events such as forest school or street dancing lessons. We provide lunches if required  and give the children lots of opportunities to make school holiday memories and new friendships.

What are we doing this half term?

Holiday Clubs - To book sessions in Half Terms, Summer Holidays we will require an email to with the dates, times and names of the child/ren attending.

You will then get a confirmation email giving details of payment.

Go Beyond is open for the Summer holidays, more information on our flyer!

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 What we offer for before and after school:

These sessions can be booked through the school money app via club bookings. You can choose the date and times and pay for the sessions in one easy step putting you in control. You can add sessions up to 24 hours before and also cancel any sessions and get credited.

Session Times:

  • Mornings - 7.30am - 8.45am
  • After school - 3.15pm - 5.30pm
  • School Holiday periods - 7.30am - 5.30pm

Go Beyond Snack menu

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Price List:

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Other useful information:

Go Beyond - Information for parents

Go Beyond Contract 

Go Beyond Pupil Contact Form