Offmore Primary School

Online/Blended Learning


At Offmore we are using Google classroom for homework and also for our online/blended learning.

Google Classroom is an online virtual classroom, a place where children can access personalised learning resources, assignments (work) and teacher feedback. Teachers will be posting learning resources and work throughout a period of self isolation or closure but used weekly to set homework. This way children can still access their learning.

Children should review all learning resources and 'hand in' completed assignments so that the teacher can mark the work, providing feedback and continuing the cycle of personalised teaching and learning.

Your children will shortly be receiving their login details and will know to keep these in a safe place. They will also have had some training (KS2) on how to access Google Classroom and understand some of the basics needed to receive and submit homework.

Help Materials- 

Mrs Packers Google Classroom support videos

How to submit work/photos that do not link to an assignment set but that you want to send in. 

gc login instructions 1 .pdf

2020 parents guide to google classroom.pdf

An overview of Google Classroom functionality. How can it be used to facilitate remote/online learning?




How to hand in work on different devices


turn in an assignment on a computer.pdf

turn in an assignment on an android device.pdf

turn in an assignment on an iphone or ipad.pdf


This is video to show how to 'hand in' completed work and access feedback from teachers. Please note that in this tutorial, the American term 'turn in' is used instead; they are the same thing.