Internet Safety





At Offmore Primary School, we are preparing children for the technological world they live in and for the future working world they will be a part of. We teach them the value of the internet and the fantastic opportunities and resources it provides. At the same time as celebrating the technological opportunities that the internet provides, we also teach the children that it can be misused and help them to understand that once something is part of cyber space, it never disappears. We apply the ethos of mutual respect to all we do at Offmore and this is evident in every aspect of our curriculum. Internet safety is no different, the children understand and are taught how to take responsibility for themselves and what they view and post online. As a school that has good links with our community, we have held regular internet safety discussions with parents where we share best practice, discuss experiences and concerns and explore a range of resources that can support with being a parent in a technologically ever changing age.

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