School Clubs

Offmore Primary School believes that learning extends way beyond the classroom. We have a variety of clubs and experiences that greatly enhance the children's experiences and give them aspirations for their interests as they grow. All of our Early Years children have a weekly ballet lesson led by a very talented and experienced teacher- this helps them to developop posture, core strength, develop rhythm, storytelling through music and lots of other skills. Our children in Years 3 and 4 have a weekly martial art lesson and this helps them to develop focus, strong core strength and self discipline.

Our choir performs at all of the school events such as 'Youth makes Music' but has also taken our choir into the community singing at Broadwaters Park, Bodenham Arbouretum and our local care home.They are a fantastically talented and committed choir who manage to get every audience singing and dancing along.

We have several dance clubs including a Key Stage 1 street dance club who regularly perform for parents. Blakedown Golf club teach a weekly golf lesson and the childen also get to go along to the golf club to play.


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