Pastoral Support

Offmore Primary School is fully committed to the protection and nurturing of all our children. We provide an inclusive, safe environment where our children can develop into responsible, confident, self-aware young people with the skills to cope as they face challenges ahead of them on their journey to through school and beyond.

Leah Walch is our Pastoral Support Worker, as well as working alongside Mrs Fuller and Mr Ascroft monitoring and supporting our childrens attendance at school, she is part of the team of staff responsible for safeguarding.  Leah is an experienced family support worker and can help families with any difficulties they may be facing either in school or at home, including childrens behaviour, emotional stress, worry/anxiety, financial difficulties/ budgeting, family breakdown, internet safety/ staying safe online, routines, family life and more.

Leah offers pastoral support and guidance to all our children promoting their well being by working with parents/carers, key school staff and external agencies where appropriate. Parents can meet with Leah to discuss any concerns they have, both about school and in their day-to-day lives.  Children are encouraged to approach Leah at any time if they feel in need of her support.

As part of school provision Leah and Mrs Bourne run a lunch club.  This is a nurturing environment which children can access for periods of time if they need extra support at lunch times for a variety of reasons.

Our Pastoral aims are: 

  • To maintain a safe environment where children feel able to discuss their feelings and concerns and parents are confident that any issues they wish to discuss will be handled appropriately and with discretion. 
  • To work with children to enhance their confidence and self-worth and supporting them in developing resilience. 
  • To ensure that children feel valued and that they respect the views of others. 
  • To encourage children to show respect and understanding of those whose culture, beliefs or lifestyle may be different from their own. 
  • To ensure there is good communication between school, parents/carers and external agencies where appropriate.
  • To encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions
  • To support children to develop an understanding of themselves as individuals, as well as developing a respect and understanding of other people and their needs.
  • To help children gain an understanding of the world in which they live and support them in preparing for the next stages of their lives.


Leah works in school on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and has her own private space where parents/families can come and discuss anything they are concerned about in relation to their child. Younger siblings who are not at school are always welcome to come along to.

Please do continue to discuss any concerns you have with your child’s class teacher.  They may suggest that you come and discuss any problems with me if they feel this might be helpful.

Contact Leah

Please get in touch by telephoning the school office to book an appointment.

You can also email Leah at .

Leah is on the school gate on a Monday morning where parents/carers are welcome to speak to her with any concerns if they so wish.

Additional Information

Pastoral Support Information Leaflet

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