Ofsted Report

As part of our continuing journey of improvement we had a Section 8 HMI Inspection on Monday 7th November 2016.  This Inspection was an opportunity for Ofsted to evaluate all the steps taken to ensure better outcomes for the children who attend Offmore Primary School.

Overall we were very pleased with the outcome of the inspection with HMI Linda McGill stating 

"The action taken so far, and the impact that is showing strongly in the progress that pupils are now making, illustrate clearly the shared determination that Offmore will become a good school as soon as possible. "

As part of the inspection HMI Linda McGill met a group of children.  The feedback from this identifies important aspects for our school in terms of culture, attitude and ethos.

"You have enabled both staff and pupils to take responsibility and to play their part in improvement. For example, pupils said ‘we can be independent now and we can make choices’ and ‘we are trusted’, as well as ‘work is harder now’. "

The inspection provided feedback on the speed with which improvment has been sought and the quality of the steps taken.  The report identifies the following key factors.

"You have gone about things in a considered way, but with appropriate urgency. You clearly understand that Offmore does not need a ‘quick fix’, but that change should be embedded and sustainable. To that end, you have not only tackled the areas of weakness identified at the inspection in January, but have gone back to the fundamental values that underpin good teaching and learning. "

We are also pleased that the Inspection recognised the support work and professional links we have made as a school, stating 

"Other schools in the local authority are now seeking to learn from strengths in Offmore’s practice, for example in the early years."

Overall we are pleased the Inspection and report recognise the many steps taken over the past two years and the impact they are having in helping our children learn.  This report also fuels the continued work we are doing to grow Offmore Primary School into the best school it can be.


Please read the full report below.

Ofsted HMI Inspection Report - Monday 7th November 2016

Ofsted Report - 29th January 2016


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