At Offmore Primary School we believe in children having high expectations of their own behaviour.  The importance of values and good manners, where children say please and thank you and where they hold doors open for adults and each other are important.  We have very high expectations for behaviour; in the classrooms, during lessons, at playtimes, during assemblies and around the school.

Successful learning behaviour is integral to all that we do around school and in all our classes. Our approach to learning ensures that lessons keep children engaged and excited and through our learning culture our children are able to maintain their focus and challenge themselves; pushing barriers and exceeding expectations.

Exceptional behaviour and respect for each other enables all of our children to learn effectively.  By providing a safe and supportive environment our children are able to grow and develop exploring aspects of friendship as they grow and mature.  We encourage our children to be thoughtful, respectful and considerate in the behaviour choices they make and we pride ourselves on their politeness. We encourage everyone to have impeccable manners and to always show respect towards others.

Through school we the same core values for our behaviour expectations but use different strategies for rewarding good behaviour.  The approaches taken are discussed with the children so each class has a clear understanding of what is expected and how we acknowledge good behaviour.

If a child’s behaviour is not acceptable, it will initially be challenged by the class teachers.  Every effort is made to support a child in understanding the impact of their actions and to be integral in establishing a consequence, if appropriate.  Where a behaviour is more serious then a member of the Senior Leadership Team is called to discuss it.  This approach still enables a child to be part of the process of understanding both impact and consequence of their actions and is designed to enable children to learn from their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions.

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