Assessment & Test Results

Offmore Primary School acknwowledges a poor historical performance of pupil outcomes.  The recent HMi Section 8 Inspection (7th Novemeber 2016) states

"You and the governing body were under no illusions about the school’s effectiveness. You knew that much needed to be done to make sure that the pupils in all year groups received the quality of education to which they are entitled. You have gone about things in a considered way, but with appropriate urgency."


"Pupils’ progress is meticulously assessed and tracked. Teachers, subject leaders and senior leaders have an in-depth knowledge of pupils’ progress and attainment across the school. Staff have a wealth of information at their fingertips about the achievement of different year groups and groups such as boys, girls, those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities and those who are supported through the pupil premium. The information is used well, both to identify trends and areas that require attention, but also to inform monitoring activities."


Pupil Premium

Outcomes for children are included in the Pupil Premium Summary document


Historical Data Reports

                       2017 Summary of Outcomes

2016-17 Data Report - Initial and un verified

2015-16 Data Report

2014 - 15 Data Report


School Performance information can be obtained from the DfE website below 



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