Year Two Residential success

Published by: | Date: 05 July, 2017 | Categories: Blog


On June 7th and 8th, our wonderful year 2 children visited Wolverley for two days of activities and adventure. Many of the children had never stayed away from home before and many had never been camping. To say we were proud of our children is an understatement. They were energetic, enthusiastic, sensible and huge amounts of fun. They climbed, built dens and started fires, met sheep and goats, completed obstacle courses and whizzed down the ski slope in tubes. By 11pm, all of the children were sleeping (by 4am, some of them were singing!) We returned to school with everything we left with ( a miracle when you see 7 year olds trying to pack ) and 36 tired but happy children; a huge success and we look forward to next years.

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