Hound - Year 5&6

We are a friendly class where everyone gets along and works well as a team because we are helpful, kind and funny!  Every morning we come straight into school ready to focus on a new day of learning.  We are a hard working class, who like learning and realise that if we are to improve our work, we need to persevere, communicate and together, come up with new ideas.  We do lots of fun things and have the right tools in our classroom to help us with our learning.           

At the moment we are enjoying learning about the Victorians.  To help us understand more about how it actually felt to be a child in the Victorian era, we are reading a book called “Street Child”.  We are also focussing on learning our times tables and improving our handwriting and presenting our work more neatly.   

We learn best when we work together; helping each other and co-operating – we love working in pairs and groups.  We also recognise that we need to put our mind to things, listen well and say if we do not understand something.  We know our teachers, Miss Qubain and Mrs Bradbury, will help us if we are not sure about our learning.   If we make mistakes, we help and listen to each other, use the resources around the classroom and keep trying.  To learn, we know we have to practice and work hard. 

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