Ben Macdui - Year 4

Welcome to Ben Macdui! We are a hard working class of Year 4’s who love making new friends and helping each other. We work together as a team so that we can all achieve our full potential. We NEVER give up! We persevere even when things get tough. In fact we LOVE
challenging ourselves as we strive to be the best we can. We take pride in every piece of work we do and even when we do make mistakes – that’s okay because we learn from them and consequently improve our work and move forward. And that’s how we roll in Ben Macdui! Our motto is: It’s okay not to know, but it’s not okay not to try!

Life in Ben Macdui is awesome! This term our topic is ‘Musical Extravaganza!’ So far, we have created expressive art, writing and dance just from listening to a piece of music called ‘Night on Bare Mountain’ by Mussorgsky. We are learning to play recorders and ukuleles! We are fantastic authors and have written a story based on ‘Peter and the Wolf’ by Sergei Prokofiev and we are learning all about ‘Sound’ in science. We have even done an experiment using rice on top of a drum! We are talented linguists and we always learn French which is linked to our topic. There are many ways that we can earn rewards in Ben Macdui: every week somebody is nominated as Star Writer; we earn ‘table points’ for working together to keep our classroom tidy; we have the Zone Board for good behaviour; raffle tickets for good work; team points for learning behaviours AND stamps for excellent presentation! When we have earned 200 presentation stamps we will be rewarded with a whole day in Forest School! Who wouldn’t want to be in Ben Macdui?????!!!!!!!! We ARE the best!!!!!!!!!

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