Great Gables - Year 2

Hello everyone. We are in Great Gables and Miss Platt and Miss Tye are our teachers. We are currently learning all about superheroes but there has been a very big problem! There is an evil villain called Traction Man who has been causing lots of trouble for our superhero friend Sam. He captured Sam however, we created some amazing newspaper articles and luckily somebody helped to set him free. We have had many problems we have had to tackle with Traction Man, but all have enabled us to be even better learners, in order to help Sam we have researched how to stay fit and healthy. We did ask Mr Ascroft for his ideas, but all he did was eat biscuits which did not help! To help show what you must eat to be healthy we made vegetable soup, it was delicious!

As part of our learning we also know that all good superheroes have their own theme music, so to help capture Traction Man we have created our own tune.  We learnt about all different instruments and how you play them as well as thinking about how we can compose our own song. As a class we are fantastic at using our magnifying learning power to help and support each other with our learning. We also used this skill up in the forest using different tools to make our own musical instruments out of natural materials.  We learnt how to tie knots and then explored with all the different sounds they made

At the moment we are working hard together to create a book with all of the things we have learnt to send to Sam the superhero! Come and take a look, it is in the corner of our classroom. We are also making a class patchwork cape that we have designed to keep Sam the Superhero in disguise.

In Great Gables we are working really hard to be independent learners, making sure we try our best at everything we do. To do this we have been persevering at things we find tricky and been using the classroom to help support our learning. When we have done this and
complete our work to the best of our ability we are very lucky and get to display our work in the classroom and choose a prize from the prize pot.

We love being in Great Gables!


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