Catbells - Year 1

Catbells is the best class to be in.  Our teacher is Mrs Packer and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Millward.  Our classroom is a great place to learn.  We have lots of words and numbers on the walls to help us and we have really interesting places to work such as the forest area.  Mrs Packer gives us challenges in our work and we take responsibility for completing them.  We show we have completed our work by using our challenge pegs.

We have a great outside learning area.  In it we have a stage, a mud kitchen and we have tyres to climb on and then jump off.  We love to take our work outside and use the outdoor learning space to help us get ideas.

We have phonics every day to help us with our reading and wriiting, but we also learn sign language.  Using sign language we can talk with our hands and we learn words and sentences, but also words to help us wth our topic.



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