Drum and Tryfan - Reception

In Reception we learn by playing and exploring inside and outside.  We have class promises, which help us to be the best learners that we can be.  We try really hard to stay in our pot of gold. If we are making good choices we could get onto the golden, twinkly star. but if we make the wrong choices we might go onto the cloud.

We have three learning powers that we earn points for.  The busy bee power is all about focussing and concentrating.  The unicorn power is all about pretending and taking on a role in play.  The magnifying power is all about solving problems when things get tricky.

On Mondays we do PE.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we do Outdoor learning where we go to the forest and the big field.  In Reception we learn how to stay safe around the fire circle.

Everyday at school we have phonics where we learn new sounds and words. We also have maths where we explore numbers and shapes.  Whatever we are doing we always work and play together.

We always enjoy story time and circle time when we get to share our important news.

At the moment we are very excited to be learning about farms.  We are learning about what farmers do, all about animals and how to grow crops so that we can help farmer Terry build his new farm. 

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