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Offmore Primary School is a dynamic place to be as we continue to evolve our school to meet new challenges and strive for the highest quality education.  We aim to inspire our children through our curriculum approach, which is designed to motivate and engage our children in their learning, whilst giving them ownership of themselves as a learner.  We want all our children to be lifelong learners with high aspirations for their futures.

At Offmore, we aim to bring learning to life by immersing children in both the skill development and the content of the topic.  By making this fun, exciting, engaging and as memorable as possible, we believe children will learn and embed core skills across a wider curriculum.

We recognise the importance of an emotional connection to the activities and learning that children participate in.  We build this through balancing real experiences and contextual understanding, using outside people and by taking the children out on trips and visits.  We believe through this approach to learning, children will make the most amount of progress and achieve the highest standards.

Our ambition for our children however, can only be successful with the very best partnership with our community.  By working together, we can all have the highest ambitions for our children.  By providing high quality information and opportunities for you to come into school to see our learning in action, we hope you will have a clear understanding of our work and how you can help.  As education evolves and changes, it is vital that we share systems and strategies we are using, to support the strongest home school partnerships.

Ultimately, primary school should be a fun and happy time for all children but we should never lose sight of the long term goal.  As we continue to prepare children for the changing world we live in, it is vital we provide many opportunities for children to work as part of a team, build relationships with others and have a clear understanding of how they can continue to grow.

If in the journey of learning you have any questions, please contact the school and we will always take time to meet with you to discuss highlights and challenges and answer any questions you have.

Welcome to Offmore andwe look forward to you becoming part of our great school.


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